Baby Friendly Workplace

Our first child, Win-Win Position Ktf, was born in July 2012. We were right in the middle of an economic crisis, but we had faith that there was, in fact, a demand for what we are good at. Sometimes success was easy to achieve, other times we had to work really hard to break even. For us women, it is a real challenge to shine in a male-dominated industry, mainly when the so-called biological clock starts desperately ticking. For this reason, we spent the first couple of years establishing a solid background and a respectable clientele that would stick with us even after our babies are born. Our efforts have been rewarded.

As of 2015, Win-Win Position Kft. is a baby-friendly workplace!

We are extremely proud to that Win-Win Position Kft. is now operating as a baby friendly workplace. We believe that the responsibility of the next generation lies with all of us, be it physical, emotional or intellectual development. For this reason, our company makes a joint effort to harmonize work with family life.

We currently share our office with two little girls. Apart from comfortable leather sofas, our offices cater for a baby play hut, playpens, and a vast amount of pencils as crayons.

As the founders of Win-Win Position Kft., we have designed a work environment that doesn't force our employees to choose between motherhood and career. We have created an atmoshpere that is just as enjoyable for the babies as home, whilst the mothers can maintain all their vital roles including motherhood and valuable work force.

A separate baby room awaits our children who can play and discover the world amongst us, the parents, without the need of a baby sitter or a nanny.

Win-win Position Kft. is proud to have become a baby-friendly workplace and prompts any present and future mothers to pursue their dreams. A successful, confident and content woman is the very foundation of any family.

Best Regards
The Marketing Mommies :)